Minecraft Education Edition: The New Game is on sale now!

It’s a new edition of Minecraft, so what does that mean?

Let’s see.

You can pick up the new edition on Steam, as well as other digital platforms, and it’s set to launch on January 1st, 2016.

And if you’re not already a fan of Minecraft (or its sequels) then you can pick it up at the usual launch price.

Minecraft Education edition comes with a number of new features and changes.

It’s also a much bigger game, with over 50 hours of content and a total of over 500 new worlds to explore.

This edition also has a new game mode: a co-op multiplayer game.

As in previous editions, you’ll need to build a base and work together with friends.

The game also supports up to five players at once.

The new game is being developed by Mojang, the makers of Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode, and has been in development for almost two years.

Mojang says it’s the first time the game has been built from the ground up for consoles, and there will be a lot of improvements to the interface.

It also has many new features, like the ability to save your progress, and a new way to craft items.

You’ll need a copy of Minecraft: Education Edition to play the new game, though it can be purchased on Steam.

It will cost £19.99.

There’s no release date for Minecraft Education yet, but we’ll update this article with any further news.

Minecraft is now available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 versions to follow soon.