Trump education review ‘sunken’ and ‘unfit for purpose’

Donald Trump’s review of education in America is not going to be popular with most Americans, but it is the most important one he has made to date.

Here are five key points to consider when the president takes the nation to task on his new education agenda.


The plan is about ‘quality education’ Not really “quality” education, but the president is proposing a much more sweeping overhaul of the US education system.

Mr Trump’s “America First” agenda is not about what education is, but what America is.

He wants a more rigorous system of education, where students are taught in a way that maximises their potential, and where they learn from people who are not just educated by the government, but also those who are.

Mr Obama’s “smart, effective, inclusive” approach to education is a big part of that, and the new plan would do away with that, with a focus on improving what is being taught and developing the skills that students need to succeed.

It would also create an “education trust fund” that would allow states to borrow money from the US government to spend on education.

“The United States needs a system that is both strong and strong for all children,” Mr Trump said in his speech announcing his education policy.

The president said that “smart” teachers would be given “more respect” in a Trump education policy than in the Obama years, while “effective and inclusive” teachers will be prioritised.

“We will work with educators, parents, and students to ensure that the education of our children is truly, truly, and truly, the best that it can be,” he said.


Trump wants more students to go to school More than ever before, America is facing a demographic crisis.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of the population is now over the age of 25, and another 35 per cent are under 30.

As more young people leave school, and as more adults enter the workforce, the number of people without a college degree is projected to rise.

“This is a nation of overworked and under-educated young people,” Mr Obama said during his second term.

The future of our nation rests on their education.” “

Their future is uncertain.

The future of our nation rests on their education.”

Mr Trump is proposing to overhaul America’s education system, with new plans to create a new national voucher system, allow parents to send their children to private schools, and overhaul the system for high-need students by giving them more choice.

“As our nation enters a new phase of economic growth, the American dream of upward mobility must be the top priority for all Americans,” Mr Trudeau said.

3. “

I am proud to announce that I have the backing of my cabinet to make that happen.”


The schools will be better, not worse The president wants to improve the quality of education for the children of America.

“America’s children deserve better,” he told the crowd at his inauguration.

“Every child deserves a great education that prepares them to thrive in a new and better world.”

The plan would increase the number and quality of teachers, give more choice for students, and increase the emphasis on student learning.

“What we do here at the White House is about making America great again, not making America less great,” Mr Bush said at the same event.


Mr Bush wants to expand access to free and reduced-price lunch President Trump has proposed a voucher system that would give parents a choice of vouchers for free or reduced-cost lunches, and would allow children up to age 16 to go without lunch if they have a parent enrolled in the system.

“In today’s America, if you want to send your child to school, you can’t just send your kids to the local school,” Mr Trumps new education secretary, Betsy DeVos, said in a statement.

“You have to send them to a special place where you’re not afraid to take them.”

Mr Obama had a similar plan to offer parents, but Mr Trump will make sure it’s not limited to the private sector.

“For millions of Americans, the biggest reason to go school is because they can’t afford to send the children to a public school,” Ms DeVos said.


Mr DeVos will work to expand opportunities for women Mr Trump has pledged to make women more involved in the workplace, which means he wants to allow them to get the same opportunities as men, but to be treated differently.

“Women should be able to pursue their career as they want, and we must be sure that every woman has an equal opportunity to succeed in this new economy,” Mr Biden said at a rally on Monday