How educated guess is a good predictor of college admission rates

How educated guesses are a better predictor of colleges admission rates than SAT scores, and the College Board has released new data showing that the best predictor is the first-time college grad.

The College Board’s 2016 College Test Prep Index revealed that the highest-scoring first-timers were the ones who attended college at the same time as their first-year students.

According to the report, the index was based on responses from more than 1,600 third-year college students who had been on campus during fall 2016.

The index was weighted by the number of students who took the SAT and took the College Score, and those who took either the ACT or ACT+ or both the SAT scores.

“These findings indicate that students who are enrolled in college at their first year of college will likely earn a higher score on their first test,” said College Board Vice President of Education and Career Development Jennifer Ruggiero in a statement.

“While we’re all learning from each other, we can all take pride in our students’ performance and ensure that they’re not overlooked by the admissions process.”

The College TestPrep Index is a composite score for the first and second years of college.

The first- and second-year scores are weighted based on the students’ scores on the SAT, ACT, or ACT+, and their scores on ACT+ and/or SAT scores for each subject.

The second- and third-years are weighted on the ACT, ACT+, SAT, or SAT+ scores.

In 2016, the College Testprep Index for college admission was the best in the country.

The Index has improved dramatically in the last decade, reaching an all-time high of 2,907 in 2017.

The 2016 Index also included a supplemental test that had high accuracy rates, but the supplemental test did not measure how well students were able to perform on the tests.

The 2016 College Tests Prep Index was based off of the first two years of a college student’s life, the last year of their high school graduation, and their college admissions application.

For students who have taken the ACT and SAT scores since their first SAT or ACT score, the score will be taken as the first year they took the test.