Meet the kids who got a taste of a different life in college

Learn more about the first wave of high school grads heading to college: they’re not just going to college for the money, but for the sense of belonging that comes with it.

And the students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are just one small subset of the millions of students that have recently entered the workforce, a generation that will make up a sizable portion of the nation’s labor force by 2035.

But the impact of the job market is far from finished for these graduates.

Here are three new studies that explore how the labor market will shape our future.1.

The Great Recession and the Great Gains: The Effects of College on Job Search2.

The Changing Geography of Work: The Impact of College Graduation3.

The New Jobs for High School Graduates: A Review of the Workforce and the Job MarketThe Great Recession, which hit in 2009, has been widely considered one of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression.

As the economy struggled, many young people struggled to find work, which forced them to look for part-time, part-year, or temporary work.

It also caused many people to move from part- or full-time employment to part- time, part