The biggest thing to remember when hiring for your college football coaching position

Kelly Educational Staffing has been hired to help fill the gap in staff with new hires in the College Football coaching ranks.

The company has already been hiring for a variety of positions and will continue to do so. 

Kelly Educational Staffings head of coaching, Tom Hoeffner, will be the lead recruiter for the position. 

The new hires will be able to learn the ins and outs of recruiting for their new positions. 

For example, they will be in charge of building relationships with local schools to get them on board and to help get the most out of them.

The jobs are being offered at a salary of $115,000 per year and the positions are currently available for those who are interested in the position, and the company is hoping that they will all apply. 

You can check out a video from the company about their new hires below.

What do you think of Kelly Educational staffings hiring for the College football coaching positions?