VOA to help schools in India to hire faster students

VOA: The Government of India is set to help Indian schools hire faster learners, as it is preparing to expand the educational sector in the country, with the aim of attracting more talented students to the country’s booming economy.VOA’s education department is preparing a pilot project in a number of states, the Indian Express reported on Wednesday.

The pilot project aims to expand vocational training to students in higher education institutions, and will see them work on a range of subjects including nursing, medical science and IT.

The project, which was announced on Tuesday, will be implemented over the next three months, according to a VOA news release.

The initiative comes amid an effort by the Indian government to boost its education sector, with a government survey in April finding that students in India had dropped out of higher education due to the high cost of tuition.

The government has also launched a new government-backed scheme called National Talent Strategy, which aims to help train up to 10 million students by 2022.

The new initiative aims to bring together the best students in the world and train them to become professionals and professionals to be trained by the government, according the VOA.