What you need to know about Apple Pay’s first year

Apple Pay is here to stay.

According to new numbers from CreditCards.com, Apple Pay users are now spending $1,084 per month on credit cards in the US.

That number is actually up slightly from the $976 per month average last year, but is still well above the $898 average reported by other credit card companies.

The growth of Apple Pay has been driven by two things: the iPhone 6s and the new iPhone 7.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are more affordable, and they’ve also added new features like Apple Pay support and Apple Pay payment processors.

These cards will be a good way for users to move money around and can offer a better overall experience for people with limited or no credit card information.

The iPhone 6 also added a number of new features to the system, including the ability to pay with multiple cards and make purchases with two or more cards at the same time.

These features have been a big hit among Apple Pay buyers, and now that the new iPhones are out, you’ll have a whole new set of cards to choose from.

CreditCards is a credit card provider that focuses on making sure customers have a good experience when they’re using their cards.

If you don’t want to use a credit or debit card, or you don’ t have a credit score, you can find a lot of great offers on their site.

CreditCard’s data shows that consumers are now paying $1.15 per card transaction per month, which is up from $1 per transaction per year ago.

The data also shows that Apple Pay usage has grown from 3.5% of card users last year to 6.9% of users this year.

That said, Apple’s iOS 10 update has not yet reached a large percentage of users yet.

Apple’s goal is to get a significant number of customers into the system before it is fully released.

As more people use the app, Apple will likely introduce new features and changes to make the system more convenient for the average user.

Apple Pay is a very useful service for many people, but it’s not for everyone.

If Apple wants to make sure that the user experience is a pleasant one, they’ll have to make it easier for them to use the system.

Apple will have to work harder to make that happen, but the company has already made significant improvements to the way it works in the past year.