How Hillary Clinton helped a former school principal with disabilities gain her teaching job

Hillary Clinton has been credited with helping a former educator with disabilities become a teacher in a Chicago public school. 

Clinton helped Mary E. Hensley, who had been employed by the North Chicago School District since the late 1990s, find a teaching position at the nearby Park Manor School.

The school district announced last week that Hensleys former teacher had been hired as a teacher at the new Park Manor Elementary School.

The school board is working with the Illinois Education Department to find a replacement teacher for Henskins teaching duties.

Hensley has a long history of disabilities. 

She said Clinton took her application, but she didn’t take a job because she didn�t have a college degree.

Hentsley said she didnít even know she had a disability until the summer.

Hentsley was hired to teach at Park Manor after Hensks father, John Henskys, died in 2008, according to her father.

Hengys son is currently a senior at Southside High School.

Hentley said Clinton didn�ts take any time off to help her find a job, and that the former president was more than willing to help.

Hengys father said he never thought he would see his daughter as a public official in the White House.

Huesley said the job was a blessing.

She said Clinton was always so willing to give back to those who helped her along the way. 

The park is named after her father, who died in the early 2000s, and Henskin said she would love to go back to school someday and teach.

Hence, the former President was a huge help, Hentskin said. 

Park Manor Elementary is the first public elementary school in Chicago to be named after a former president.