Pearson Education Lawsuit Filed Against New York State

Posted January 21, 2018 04:01:50A New York state law that requires students to learn basic English skills before they can even take the SAT or ACT tests has left the country with no way to test if students have the skills they need.

But with just days to go until the state deadline, law professor and civil rights attorney Paul Pearson is fighting to get a hearing.

Pearson’s legal team is hoping to put the case before the state Supreme Court to have the test results thrown out of New York’s law.

The law requires students who are enrolled in a private school to take a test before they move on to the public school.

Pearsons lawyers say they are seeking the right to see whether students who were not able to take the test for their private school were ineligible for the state test.

The case has raised concerns among educators and advocates that the law could limit opportunities for students who want to succeed in public schools.

The case also comes at a time when more states are considering requiring students to take state tests, including in Texas and New York.