Why this video teaches the lessons of an inspiring inspirational education

A TEDx speaker has told the story of the school where he was a child, and why the lessons taught by his inspiring classroom are still being used today.

The video, titled “Why this video shows the lessons that are still relevent to a generation of children today,” was produced by the United States Department of Education.

In a series called “The Next Generation,” TEDx speakers have told the stories of their classrooms, and the lessons they’ve learned through their experiences.

They have also offered suggestions for how parents can incorporate their own lessons into their children’s education.

In the TEDx video, Tim Allen, a former teacher and educator, says his students came to him with a set of challenges.

He says he started by asking his students what was the most important thing in their lives.

He then asked, what’s the most challenging thing you’re going to have to do today?

The answers he received were all about “being able to do something.”

What happened next is that every single one of them took a test.

He told them to sit down, and to get a pencil and paper.

They all had a blank sheet.

So he drew a picture of what they were supposed to do, and then he handed them a paper.

And the pencil and the paper was what you would call a challenge.

The pencil and pen were not meant to solve the problem.

They were supposed be just tools that you could use.

The students responded that they were not sure they were good at math.

So Tim said, you know, what are you going to do?

They were all kind of scratching their heads.

They were asking the questions like, what is the best way to do this?

And he said, well, the only thing you can do is try.

And they were really digging.

And he kept asking them, what do you do?

And they started to figure it out.

Then they were asking, what would be the best place to take the class?

And, you are going to be a teacher.

And Tim said it was going to take you, not only to understand, but to be the teacher.

That’s when they started writing down what they did, and what they learned.

And that’s what I’ve been talking about.

The classroom, because they were learning to write, was where they were going to learn how to be effective.

So it was a space where they could learn to write.

And so the lesson was not just to have a pencil in the classroom, but also to actually have the tools.

It was to be able to write and draw and do all those things.

And then he was telling them, it’s not just about the teacher, but the teacher is going to want to do a lot of these things.

He was telling the students that it was important for them to be creative.

And I said, what about teachers?

Because if they want to be successful in the future, they’re going, well you know what?

The teacher is not going to help them write or draw.

The teacher has to do all of the things.

So what’s going to happen is they’re not going get as much creative input.

So that’s where I put my kids in.

And now we are talking about writing, and learning to read, and having fun, and I said let’s talk about that in class.

And we have a group of people that are doing that.

And so we’re going around the room, and you’re watching all these kids writing and drawing.

And it’s going well.

And it’s just wonderful.

And we’re all watching it.

And the teachers are like, oh, we need to make this more creative.

We need to do some more math.

And I’m like, we’ve got this, and it’s great.

And then they’re like, you’re making all these mistakes.

I’m saying this is a good lesson, but I can’t do this.

And this is why it’s so important to teach it in class, because it will be the first time you’re teaching that, and that’s going on right now.