NFL ‘no’ to $15 million in NFL education grants for state colleges and universities

SAN FRANCISCO — The NFL has decided not to support a proposal by the California State Universities Association to grant more than $15.5 million in state-funded tuition aid to schools in the state, the NFL said Friday.

The NFL and the association were scheduled to meet at the union’s national convention in Orlando on July 18-19.

The two sides were not scheduled to discuss a new deal, which was reached in November, but the union said the agreement would keep funding for college sports programs and not extend existing ones.

The union said it had asked for more than half of the new funding, but was told that the union would be seeking a waiver of the $1.1 billion-a-year salary cap that has been in place for the past decade.

The league, however, said the deal was not finalized.

The union has proposed a three-year, $13 million agreement that would be paid by a combination of the NFL’s current salary cap and new revenue from new television deals and other sources.

The current cap is set to expire on July 1, 2021.

The current cap for universities is $8.5 billion.

That includes $4.7 billion for state universities, $2.9 billion for public universities and $1 billion for private institutions.

The new cap is $15 billion.

The NFL and SUsA were also negotiating a $7 billion, 10-year contract for the league.

The league said it was reviewing the union proposal.

“We remain committed to our commitment to support the California university community and the athletes in our league,” the league said in a statement.

“Our collective bargaining agreement requires us to be at the table and listen, but our conversations with the unions have not yet concluded.”