Which of these education secretaries would you like to see nominated for the cabinet?

The Education Secretary position is a position of power that is often filled by a former president or other senior political figure.

Nunes is a former Democrat who served as a United States senator from New York.

Her nomination to be Education Secretary would give her a lot of power, said Richard Trumka, a former Democratic congressman from Illinois.

She is an experienced administrator, and she understands that there is a lot going on in the education system,” Trumkas said.

Education Secretary picks can be very polarizing and contentious.

There are a lot that she can’t do, Trumjas said.”

If she doesn’t want to be an education secretary, she should resign.

If she doesn.

She is an incompetent person who is unfit to be the president of the United States,” Trumbas said.

In the meantime, the Democrats in the House and Senate are taking a wait-and-see approach to this nomination.

The Education Department, as a Cabinet position, is made up of five cabinet secretaries, with the most powerful person appointed by the president.

The secretary picks are made up from the president’s Cabinet nominees, so it’s up to the president to nominate someone from his Cabinet to the position.

The Trump administration has had its share of controversies, including the dismissal of two federal judges for their views about the president on the Trump travel ban.

But Republicans are taking the nomination process a step further by seeking to overturn a decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Trump’s executive order that halted immigration from six Muslim-majority countries.

The judges had sided with the administration and argued that the president did not have the power to block the travel ban, which has since been lifted.