Why Irish people should take charge of their health

What is the best way to improve Irish health?

How do we ensure that all of our people get the best possible education in the country?

These are the questions being asked in the latest edition of The Irish Life, a documentary series produced by the National Health Research Council, the Department of Health and the Department for Education.

The programme is a collaboration between The Irish News, The Irish Examiner and the National Geographic Society.

The film explores how Irish people are shaping our health systems in a globalised world and will be available on demand from January 25.

The documentary also explores the changing landscape of diabetes, with its rise in prevalence and the challenges faced by patients and their families.

The theme of the programme is the “art of health”, which is the process of making health decisions that help people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

The series was commissioned by the Department and Health, the National Institute for Health Research, the Irish Times, The Dublin Business Journal, the Daily Express, The Guardian, the BBC, Irish Public Television, BBC World Service, The Daily Telegraph, the Royal College of Physicians and the Irish Medical Association.

This is the second edition of the documentary series, which was produced as part of the National Diabetes Awareness Week in September.

The aim of this new edition was to make a wider audience aware of the challenges of diabetes and to explore how Irish society is responding to the issue.

The series will also feature interviews with health professionals and researchers, including Dr David Deane, professor of pediatrics at Queen’s University Belfast, and Professor Richard McDonough, senior lecturer in the division of medicine and director of the department of medicine at the University of Dublin.

The National Health Service is the UK’s national healthcare system and is responsible for providing health care to people in the UK, Ireland and across the European Union.

The Department of Education is responsible at national and local levels for the provision of education.

The Irish Health Service (IHS) is the largest public health system in the world.

The service delivers services in the areas of health, primary care, home care, mental health, drug and alcohol services, child welfare, public order, community policing, social care and more.

The IHS provides primary, secondary and tertiary education and training to over 6.5 million people across the UK.

It also delivers over 200,000 nursing homes, supports around 60,000 care homes and provides 24,000 specialist GP practices.

It is funded by the European Commission.

This programme is being produced by NHRU, a member of the BBC World service, with support from the Irish Department of Culture, Media and Sport, National Geographic and the BBC.

 Source: The Irish Independent