Why did the K-pop singer lose her cool when she was asked to wear a hijab

The K-Pop singer’s publicist had to explain the singer’s decision to wear the hijab on the set of her song “Tiger”.

“It was the right decision,” the publicist told the NDTV channel on Tuesday, adding that it was her “first time doing it in a live show”.

The issue was raised on social media and the Kpop star’s publicism team has responded.

“We want to express our support for the right of all people to wear their own style of clothing, regardless of religion or culture,” a spokesperson for the Ks had told NDTV.

The spokesperson added that Kpop stars were “allowed to wear whatever style they want and in no way disrespects anyone who has different religious beliefs”.

But the public response to the singer wearing the hijab has not gone down well with the audience at the set.

People have been commenting that they were offended by the hijab and that it showed that the K, and more generally the K culture, were not progressive enough.

This was an opportunity for us to show that we are the most progressive K-POP group in history and we can be proud of it, the spokesperson had said.

Kpop fans have taken to Twitter to vent their anger.

#HijabSlam: Kpop fans are angry over the KPop star’s decision.

Here’s a few of their tweets: Why was I told to wear hijab by my publicist?

#Kpop The hijab is for people of all religions.

I am a Muslim and I am proud of my religion.

What a joke.

Why did Kpop put my face on the cover?

Koreans and K-Ps can’t be bothered to go to school in the nude and wear it to work.

A tweet by the KPs PR team was met with some backlash, with many accusing them of being insensitive to their fans.

I dont understand why the publicists were not happy with the hijab being worn.

Why were they not happy when we werent wearing it?

#Kpop, I think Ive read a few more tweets.

How many people in this country wear hijab?

#khoutong “I thought it was so brave to wear it, even if I was uncomfortable,” said a young woman who went by the name of Kyoung in an interview with NDTV about the controversy.

One fan, who went as “Luna” in an online chat, commented that the “principal” of the school where she attended “is a very big fan of K-Pac”.

“I think they should just leave us alone.

They are just trying to be inclusive.

This is not an issue of religious discrimination but a matter of how much we are allowed to wear what we want,” said Luna.

Others said that K-pops lack of diversity is hurting their brand image.

They also criticised the singer for showing her face to the audience in front of people who do not support her religious views.

Many fans also took to social media to share their thoughts on the controversy, saying the Kpops social media posts did not do enough to support their fans or the cause.

It was an amazing thing for me to be on stage with K-Stars, I am not ashamed to be K-Lists K-pop fans and the fans of other groups are just like you and me.

We all have our different values.

We dont all share the same views.

They also tweeted out the lyrics of their songs.

Some K-Girls were quick to respond to the controversy on Twitter.

Hate hate hate hate, I love you, K-Love!

K-Love fans took to Twitter, sharing their reactions to the public relations controversy.

“They have an obligation to show the truth and that is what we need.

This is why they should be proud and proud of themselves.

They need to show us their true selves and be open to change.

 “Please stop blaming everyone else for what you dont like.

They dont deserve to be in a position where they are making people upset.

Theyre a little bit of a joke.””

Hating and being mean to people is fine and it can be a part of their personality, but it shouldnt be the basis of their character.

I know you are the ones that are making me angry, but we need to all just stop the hatred and hate,” tweeted one K-Drama fan.