Canada’s apple stores offer ‘shocking’ views on sexual assault

A Canadian grocery store chain has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness about sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

The store in Brampton, Ont., is opening its first ever ‘safe space’ on campus.

Brampton’s Apple Store says it’s opening a safe space for women in the store and a women’s center on campus on Wednesday.

“Women are more likely to be harassed in their workplaces because they feel more safe, because they know they’re seen as more vulnerable, because the culture is more hostile to them,” the store says on its Facebook page.

“This is why we need a safe place to share our stories, and also because it’s so important to protect women from sexual violence and sexual harassment.”

The idea came from a Facebook post that asked the store’s employees to share their stories of sexual harassment, including an incident in which a male employee allegedly grabbed a woman’s breasts.

This is the store owner’s Facebook post, which he shared with CBC News.

In the post, the store employee wrote: “We’ve all been there, or know someone who has been.

There’s always a moment of uncertainty and embarrassment when you see someone’s body and you’re thinking, ‘Is this who I think it is?’

But when we see someone who’s being sexual with someone, or sexually assaulted, we need to be able to feel that we can speak up.

We need to know that there is a place to feel safe and heard.”

Apple Canada’s website includes a list of “Safe Spaces” for women, including a women-only section.

At the bottom of the page, the company says it encourages women to “share their stories in their communities.”