Obama signs new education law bill to boost school funding

New legislation will help teachers and other educators receive more money to pay for classrooms and other education-related costs, Education Secretary Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday.

The Obama administration also is considering legislation to boost funding for teachers, according to a memo to staff and a White House blog post. 

Bloomberg told reporters that the new Education Department budget request, which he presented to members of Congress, included $3 billion for the 2020-2025 school year. 

He also announced that the White House is also reviewing the Obama-era Education Department reforms to make them permanent. 

The Education Department has a long history of working to improve student outcomes in school, including a $4 billion grant program that helps districts hire teachers who are more effective and innovative. 

President Barack Obama signed the Education Department’s 2020-21 School Improvement Strategy, which provides funds for improving students’ performance, including by boosting student learning in the classroom and improving teacher effectiveness, by reducing barriers to instruction, including teacher turnover, providing more teacher training and more resources for school staff, according the White Senate blog. 

“The Department’s mission is to ensure every child, regardless of income, is treated with dignity and respect and that all students are safe and secure in their school environments,” Bloomberg said. 

More than two dozen states, including Illinois, are considering or considering new teacher training programs. 

Earlier this year, Illinois became the second state in the country to pass a law that will boost teacher pay. 

In October, the state also passed a law requiring schools to provide at least a third of a student’s instruction in English to all students and allow teachers to earn up to $500,000 a year.