Google Fiber, Google Fiber in India’s broadband space

Google Fiber has been on the move since launching its Google Fiber broadband network in San Francisco last year.

The Internet giant has now expanded its footprint in India by launching its first service in Bengaluru, where Google Fiber is already in operation.

Google Fiber in Bengalura is part of the ‘Google Fiber India’ network.

The service is free, available in select areas and offers broadband speed of up to 1 Gbps.

Google Fiber also offers the ability to add data and services such as video conferencing, which can be used to boost its business.

The Bengaluru launch is an important step in the company’s ongoing effort to make the Indian broadband market a global one.

“Our goal is to make India the world’s number one broadband hub,” said Amit Singhal, the chief executive officer of Google Fiber India, in a video statement.

“India’s broadband market has a huge potential for us and is growing at an exponential rate.

Google will continue to build on this momentum with a diverse range of new services and services in the coming years.”

Google Fiber will now be available in seven cities in India, including Bengaluru.

The company has also opened up a new digital advertising platform in the country.

The company has been a pioneer in making Internet access available to millions of Indian citizens.

Google’s broadband network was built by Alcatel-Lucent in Bengaloum, in the western Indian state of Karnataka, for an estimated Rs 1,000 crore.

Google also has a fiber-optic network that reaches several parts of India, and is also part of Google’s plans to expand to other parts of the world.