How to teach children to read, and how to help them learn from others

The world’s most widely read textbook for preschoolers will get a major redesign this fall.

Cody Booker Education, a unit of the California-based Pearson Group, will move from a print-on-demand model to a more flexible one.

Its redesigned book, called The First Year in Kindergarten: How to Read for Kids, is expected to have a 1,000-page first-year review in early 2018.

The review will include a “tactics and strategies” section, with tips for reading and writing, and “writing exercises” and “reading instruction.”

The book will also include a video on how to read aloud and read to children, along with an audio lesson for kindergarteners.

It will include the same content in a “digital version,” but with an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Booker’s company, which makes the books for more than 2.5 million classrooms across the U.S., is seeking $500 million in government funding to improve the books.

The program has been under review since late 2015, and has received criticism from parents who say it has created too many unnecessary distractions for children.

The redesigned book is slated to be released in 2019, but its first edition will debut in 2020.

It was first released in 2009, but the new design is expected give the books an updated look.

Bookers company is the parent company of several popular textbook publishers, including McGraw-Hill, and will receive a portion of sales from the new book.