Anderson Cooper Education Credits Ph.D in Education as Education Credit

Anderson Cooper is the latest college education company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

The company’s stock price has doubled since its listing on January 31. 

In its latest update, the company listed its full-year earnings for the fiscal first quarter of 2020 at $2.16 billion, up from $1.97 billion in the year-ago period. 

Anderson Cooper also raised its target price on its stock to $18 from $15. 

On the same day, its founder, Michael Dell, and its chief financial officer, Jeff Bezos, announced that they would be retiring from their positions as CEO and chief executive officer. 

Their departure comes at a time when the stock is seeing a rise in both revenue and market cap, both of which are helping to keep the company afloat. 

“The company is operating at a very good pace and I think it will continue to grow,” Jeff Bezos said on the company’s investor call. 

Dell’s announcement comes after the US government announced that it was looking into a class action lawsuit filed by Anderson Coop’s employees alleging that the company mishandled their healthcare benefits and did not provide enough medical assistance. 

Despite the lawsuit, Anderson Cooper’s stock rose to $19.25 on Friday from $18.90. Shares of AndersonCooper rose by $13.25 to $24.50 on the Nasdaq.