How to get an education if you’re a student with a disability

The topic of education for students with disabilities has gained considerable attention recently, with a number of organisations launching initiatives to offer educational services for people with disabilities.

One such initiative is Kayleigh McEnany’s Education for People with Disabilities (KPED), which provides educational and recreational activities to people with disability.

In 2016, Kayleigh co-founded the Kayleigh Academy in Sydney, which offers a range of free educational and leisure activities, such as playgroups and games, to students with physical disabilities.

Kayleigh is also the founder of Kayleigh Academies in Adelaide, Victoria, which provide free, in-person, educational, social and recreational experiences to people who have physical disabilities or mobility difficulties.

As a member of the Australian Association for People and Spaces, Kaylee is also a member-at-large of the Australasian Association of People with Physical Disabilities.

Kaylish, which has an online portal that lets people with different disabilities access free education and activities, offers services to more than 1,200 people in NSW.

A website where people can share their experiences of Kaylish has been created by former KPED volunteer Kayleigh.

Kayleigh’s website includes a series of educational, therapeutic and recreational learning experiences for people who are able-bodied.

“Many of the people we serve have a wide range of abilities and we have helped people develop their personal skills to help them achieve a wider range of activities,” Kayleigh said.

“[We also] help people achieve self-confidence and independence through these experiences, and help them find their own personal style of learning, too.”