FC Barcelona: Neymar, Barça set for free transfers

Neymar is set to join Barcelona for an undisclosed fee.

The Brazilian striker, who is under contract until 2021, will be joining a club with an excellent track record in the youth game, with the likes of Sergio Busquets, Sergio Busre, Sergio Ramos and Neymar all at the club.

It is not yet known how much the Barcelona club will pay for the player, but it is believed that the fee could be in the region of €20m.

Neymar joined Barça in 2012, signing a five-year deal that was the highest ever for a Brazilian player.

How did you get into coaching?

In 2009, the young midfielder and his father took a job at Diageo, which was also the home of Liverpool Football Club.

At the time, the club was struggling to make a profit, so the family left the city and started a training centre near the city’s famous cathedral.

They made a lot of money, and they were able to pay for a flat and buy a house in a posh neighbourhood.

But that was before the financial crisis hit.

A few months later, the family lost everything.

The father took his family home to Italy.

It was a long and difficult journey, and in the end, he lost his job.

His wife and three children were also on the move, to the south of France, where they settled in the town of Rouen. 

Maeve’s career in France was a bit more stable.

He began his coaching career with Dinamo Minsk, and soon after, he joined FC Nice, where he was named coach in 2010.

He was promoted to FC Bordeaux in 2013, where his teams were relegated to the second division.

He went on to join the Bordeau-based club, Marseille, in 2015, and then Lyon in 2018, where the club won the Ligue 1 title in 2020.

In 2021, he was appointed as the new head coach at FC Porto, where Lyon finished second to Monaco in the LFP and reached the Champions League semifinals.

But his career was in serious danger.

In 2018, the French government passed a law that required every professional football team to have an anti-discrimination policy.

The law had to be implemented, and by 2019, all French clubs had to have one.

However, not all clubs had their anti-racism policies in place.

In 2017, the BNP Paribas board decided to suspend the club, citing the law.

In the following year, Marseilles president Vincent Mariani, the current president of the club and the president of Lyon, was accused of abusing his power.

Mariani was suspended, and Lyon became the first French club to be stripped of its league status.

In 2019, Lyon was relegated from Ligue 2 to Ligue 3, and Marseille went into administration, and the club ceased to exist.

Mariano Mariani’s first choice to replace him was Marcelo Bielsa, who was the president at Inter Milan until 2020.

He took over from Mariani and oversaw the club’s second season in the top flight of French football, which ended in 2021.

He won two league titles and reached a Champions League semi-final, but his side finished fourth. 

Mariani had been accused of not implementing anti-discrimination policies, and Bielsas second choice was Lamine Diouf, who had been the head coach of Bordeaus Ligue II club, Lille.

He also was accused by the same group of using the club to protect his son.

Bielsis second choice to take over was former BNP president Nicolas Anelka, who also took over the club.

However it didn’t end there.

In 2022, Bielss third and final choice was Marcel Lescott, who took over as the manager of Marseille.

Lescot won two Ligue titles, reached the final of the Liguilla Cup, and was also voted the best coach of the 20th century.

The club finished sixth in the league in 2022, and reached their first Champions League final.

Bienss second choice candidate, who is now at PSG, was former Paris Saint-Germain coach Guillaume Pocognoli, who won two League titles and was voted the worst coach of all time.

The two players, with Bielses experience, took Marseille from third to fourth in the table, and ultimately reached the LIGA-B, the European Champions League.

Bièlès first choice candidate was again Marcelo, who came to Marseilles in 2018 and took over after the retirement of Biels.

He guided Marseille to their first league title in almost a decade, and their second in a decade.

Biëlè’s third choice candidate had been Marcelo himself, and he took over a team that had been relegated from the second league.

Marseille finished third to last in the standings in 2022. 

At the time of Bièlss retirement, the former president of Inter was still the manager.

However Biès’s successor, Marcelo Anel, who would eventually become the president, had no experience of coaching, so he took the job himself.

Anel had been a coach for eight years in France before becoming the president.

He had also spent the last five years as president of Paris Saint Germain.

In an interview, Anel said he believed he could take over the Marseille side, given the financial support of the French football federation. Bièls